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Jennifer Kneeland
Counselor, MA, LMHC


I am a graduate of Salve Regina University specializing in Holistic Counseling and maintain a thriving private practice in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and have just opened up an office in CT. I serve as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among my areas of expertise are couples and premarital counseling and ADHD. I have completed extensive trainings in Imago Therapy, Gottman Relationship Counseling and Conscious Loving. I have post-graduate training in Psychodynamic and Pastoral Counseling, as well as Sex Therapy.

In addition to being a prominent relationship therapist, I have presented at conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of grief, parenting, and relationships.

My therapeutic approach is to collaborate effectively with my client(s) to address personal life challenges. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach which is rooted in compassion, non-judgement, and understanding.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I also love and am profoundly grateful for my deeply kind husband of 15 years, our two talented school aged daughters and our dear family and friends near and far. I enjoy any pursuit that returns me myself including yoga, dancing, playing with our dog, Tucker, being at the beach, listening to my husband’s music, laughing with my girls, swimming, hiking and traveling.

Unlike generalist counselors, I maintain a caseload maximum of 15 clients to assure that when you need assistance, I will be available.

I look forward to meeting YOU!


“Ms. Kneeland’s provocative style is effective in helping one shift his or her perspective, allowing fully for an open heart and permitting healing to emerge from within.”
– Lea Lockwood, Ph.D., LICSW

“I wish I had started going to you years and years ago to right my track. I credit you for so much of my improvement. I know it was my choice and effort to work on myself, but your advice, wisdom, and guidance has done wonders for me!!”
– E.D.

“Jenny, you have been a godsend to our marriage. We knew we wanted to stay together, but really didn’t know how to work through years of fighting and resentment. You gave us the tools to work through conversations that I didn’t even know we needed to have. I know that my happiness is my responsibility now and I am getting the time and help that I need to be happier….finally. :) Thank you again!”
– S.L

“Thank you for never giving up on us. You always used such a positive, friendly, and most importantly, real approach. Thanks to you, our relationship is much stronger and our home is a much happier place.”
– K.S & D.S.

“You are such a guiding light! My husband didn’t want to even start therapy and now he confidently tells friends about how it helped him. Thank you for your help and we will keep in touch!”
– J.P.

“Thank you so much for everything! Honestly, you are amazing! A true role model and just freaking awesome!”
– G.P.